A Day in the Life

A Typical Day for A Diet Member

7:30 am Leaves the member dormitory
8:00 am Attends party meeting
9:30 am Attends party group meeting
10:00 am Attends plenary sitting
0:00 noon Meets with lobby group in his office
0:30 pm Lunch
0:50 pm Attends meeting of the Committee on Environment governing board
1:00 pm Attends meeting of the Committee on Environment and asks questions
5:00 pm Back in the office, hears explanation of proposed legislation from the Ministry of the Environment
6:00 pm Attends party policy study meeting
8:00 pm Returns to the dormitory

Normally a house member belongs to two or three committees. Plans for discussions in committee meetings are worked out by the chairman and committee officers. Officers from the ruling party also serve as a conduit for passing requests by opposition party members to the government.

Besides attending committee meetings and plenary sittings, a house member is engaged each day in a range of activities, from listening to the needs, concerns, and comments of voters to sitting in on policy discussion groups with other Diet members.