Test Your Knowledge

Question-No1The House of Concillors has more members than the House of Representatives.True or False ?
Question-No2The Constitution of Japan has never been revised.True or False ?
Question-No3A cabinet minister must be a Diet member.True or False ?
Question-No4The prime minister must be elected from the House of Representatives.True or False ?
Question-No5A house cannot revise proposed legislation submitted by a member of the other house.True or False ?
Question-No6The term for a member of the House of Councillors is six years, but elections are held every three years.True or False ?
Question-No7Cabinet meetings must take place at the official residence of the prime minister.True or False ?
Question-No8The budget is submitted first to the House of Representatives, but treaties must be submitted first to the House of Councillors.True or False ?
Question-No9Construction of the Diet Building took more than ten years.True or False ?
Question-No10Committees of the House of Representatives and the House of Councillors never work jointly.True or False ?