National Diet Building

Construction on the current Diet Building began in 1920 and was completed nearly 17 years later, in November 1936. Meeting rooms for the committees are located in the Committee Room Annex while offices for the members of the House of Councillors are located in the Member's Office Building of the House of Councillors. These buildings are connected to the Diet Building by underground passageway.

Guide to the National Diet Building(15minutes)

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National Diet Building”

Diet Building structure:
Three floors above ground, with a four-story central portion and nine-story tower; one floor below ground; steel-reinforced concrete construction.
Site area:
103,007 square meters
Building area:
13,356 square meters (total floor space 53,464 square meters)
Length (North-South):
206.36 meters
Depth (East-West):
88.63 meters
Height to roof:
20.91 meters; center tower 65.45 meters