Mr. NAKASONE Hirofumi

  • Liberal Democratic Party
  • Elected 1986, 1992, 1998, 2004, 2010, 2016 and 2022, Gumma Prefecture
  • Current Responsibilities in the House of Councillors
    (as of December 6,2022)
    Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense
    Commission on the Constitution (Chairman)

 November 28, 1945, Gumma Prefecture

 1968 Keio University, Faculty of Business and Commerce

 1968 joined Asahi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
 1983 Secretary to Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone
 1986 first elected to the House of Councillors

(Major posts in the House of Councillors and etc.)
 1993 Chairman, Committee on Commerce and Industry
 1997 Chairman, Committee on Rules and Administration
 1998 Chairman, Committee on Special Committee on
    Managing Debts of Japan National Railway Settlement
    Corporation and Reform of National Forestry Services
 2001 Chairman, Deliberative Council on Political Ethics
 2002 President, Judge Impeachment Court
 2004 Chairman, Committee on Budget
 2006 Chairman, Special Committee on Basic Law on
 2007 Chairman, Committee on Discipline
 2014 Chairman, Special Committee on North Korean
    Abduction Issue and Related Matters
 2016 Chairman, Board of Oversight and Review of
    Specially Designated Secrets

(Major posts in the Government)
 1990 Parliamentary Vice-Minister, Ministry of
    International Trade and Industry
 1999 Minister of Education, Science, Sports and Culture
    Director General of Science and Technology Agency
 2000 Special Advisor to the Prime Minister
 2008 Minister for Foreign Affairs

(Major posts in a political party)
 1991 Chairman, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)
    Policy Board in the House of Councillors
 2009 Chairman, Party Ethics Committee, LDP
 2010 Chairman, General Assembly of LDP Members in the
    House of Councillors
 2013 Chairman, Party Ethics Committee, LDP
 2013 Chairman, Research Commission for Promotion of
    Healthy Development of Youths, LDP

(as of July 30,2020)

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