House of Councillors Website Privacy Policy

1. Basic policy

The Public Relations Division of the Secretariat of the House of Councillors collects information from visitors to the House of Councillors Website in order to ensure that the provision of information to visitors, the receipt of questions and opinions from visitors, and any other services provided via this website function smoothly. Information acquired in this manner is to be handled appropriately and in accordance with the terms described herein.

2. Scope of information acquired

2-1. This website automatically collects the IP address and other information about visitors who access this website. The use of cookies (files that are stored on a visitor’s hard drive to enable the server to identify repeat visitors) is limited to improving the usability of this website. Cookies do not contain any personal information.

2-2. Opinions and questions from visitors are received via email, and information provided voluntarily by the visitor, including the sender's email address, is visible to the recipient.

3. Purposes of use

3-1. The information acquired as described above in paragraph 2-1 is used to ensure that services provided via the website function smoothly.

3-2. Opinions and questions acquired as described in paragraph 2-2 are also used as reference for the planning of future services to be provided via the website. Email addresses and other user information provided voluntarily by the sender may be used to respond to or request clarification regarding the content of messages. Depending on the nature of the content, such information may also be forwarded to relevant departments within the Secretariat of the House of Councillors.

4. Limitations on use and provision

Information acquired via the website will not be used for any purposes other than those described in paragraph 3, nor will such information be provided to any third party without a legal request for disclosure due to investigation of malicious threats or other specific need. However, we may publish statistical information regarding access to this website.

5. Security

Information acquired from visitors to this website is managed in a secure manner to prevent its unintentional disclosure, loss, or destruction.

6. Scope of application

The terms of this privacy policy apply to this website only.