Tour of the Diet Building


We have suspended all public tours of the Diet Building until Wednesday, June 17, 2020, to control the novel coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic. We will announce the resumption of tours on the House of Councillors website as soon as possible.

Anyone can visit the House of Councillors on weekdays.
A Diet guard escorts visitors to the Public Gallery, the Emperor's Room, the Imperial Family's Room, the Central Hall, the Front Courtyard, and other places.

The tour takes about 60 minutes. Those wishing to take this tour are requested to come to the reception desk for visitors.

The reception desk for visitors is located next to the Annex of the House of Councillors(MAP : 1).
There is a signboard "Tours of the House of Councillors: Entrance".

Visiting Hours: Monday through Friday (except for National Holidays)
from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
(Mornings are often crowded with tour groups. Individual visitors are advised to come after 9 a.m. The reception desk closes at 4 p.m.)

On days when a plenary session is meeting, no visitors are admitted from one hour before the opening of the session until the closing of the session.

Please contact: Reception, House Police Department
Phone: 03-5521-7445