Greetings from the President of the House of Councillors

date Chuichi President of the House of Councillors

Welcome to the website of Japan’s House of Councillors.

The House of Councillors together with the House of Representatives, which is in the center of our country’s politics, engages in a wide variety of policy issues, to achieve the safety and security of people’s living and prosperous nation-building, through deliberation of bills, national budgets, treaties and the extensive investigation of state affairs.

The House of Councillors has some special features that the House of Representatives does not share. Its members have a longer term of six years, and it cannot be dissolved. We can therefore say that the House of Councillors is well suited to making a long-term fundamental commitment to policy issues.

This website makes publicly available a wide range of information, including descriptions of the house’s roles and activities, basic data on the National Diet, and a list of House of Councillors members.

We aim to create an “open House of Councillors,” and I hope that this website will increase public understanding and interest in this House.

The House of Councillors continues to take the role of complementing, checking, and balanceing the function of the House of Representatives under the bicameral system, and is committed to fulfilling its missions even more effectively in the future, as the “chamber of wisdom”.

Date Chuichi President of the House of Councillors

Date Chuichi
House of Councillors