Mr.ISOZAKI Yosuke:House of Councillors

Mr. ISOZAKI Yosuke

  • Liberal Democratic Party and The Party for Japanese Kokoro
  • Elected 2007 and 2013, Oita Prefecture
  • Current Responsibilities in the House of Councillors
    (as of August 16,2018)
    Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
    Committee on Fundamental National Policies

 October 9, 1957, Oita Prefecture

 1982 University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law

 1982 joined Ministry of Home Affairs
 1996 Director of Research Department and Professor,
    Local Autonomy College
 1998 Director-General of Finance Bureau, Sakai City
 2001 Director for Policy Planning, Minister's
    Secretariat, Ministry of Public Management, Home
    Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications
 2002 Director for Policy Planning, Fire and Disaster
    Management Agency Counsellor (in charge of national
    security and emergency legislation), Cabinet
 2004 Director of International Affairs Office, Ministry
    of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC)
 2006 Counsellor, Minister's Secretariat (MIC)
 2007 first elected to the House of Councillors
 2013 second elected to the House of Councillors

(Major posts in the House of Councillors)
 2010 Director, Committee on Budget
 2012 Chairman, Committee on Education, Culture and
 2016 Chairman, Oversight of Administration

(Major posts in the Government)
 2012 Special Advisor to the Prime Minister
 2014 Special Advisor to the Prime Minister for National
 2016 State Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and

(Major post in a political party)
 2012 Secretary-general, Headquarters for the Promotion
    of Revision to the Constitution, Liberal Democratic

(as of January 16,2017)

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