Mr. KATAYAMA Toranosuke

  • Nippon Ishin(Japan Innovation Party) and The Party of Hope
  • Elected 1989, 1995, 2001, 2010 and 2016, Proportional Representation
  • Current Responsibilities in the House of Councillors
    (as of March 22,2019)
    Committee on General Affairs
    Committee on Fundamental National Policies

 August 2, 1935, Okayama Prefecture

 1958 University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law

 1958 joined Ministry of Home Affairs
 1985 Vice-Governor, Okayama Prefecture
 1987 Deputy Director General of Minister's Secretariat,
    Ministry of Home Affairs
    Vice-Commissioner, Fire and Disaster Management
 1989 first elected to the House of Councillors

(Major posts in the House of Councillors)
 1995 Chairman, Committee on Finance
 2003 Chairman, Committee on Budget

(Major posts in the Government)
 1992 Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Finance
 2000 Minister of Posts and Telecommunications
    Minister of Home Affairs
    Director General of Management and Coordination
 2001 Minister of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts
    and Telecommunications

(Major posts in political parties)
 1998 Chairman, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Diet
    Affairs Committee in the House of Councillors
 2004 Secretary General, LDP in the House of Councillors
 2010 Secretary General, Sunrise Party of Japan in the
    House of Councillors
 2012 Chairman, Policy Research Committee, Japan
    Restoration Party
 2012 Chairman, General Assembly of Party Members of the
    House of Councillors, Japan Restoration Party
 2014 Chairman, General Council, Japan Innovation Party
 2015 Co-President, Initiatives from Osaka (now Nippon
    Ishin(Japan Innovation Party))

(as of January 16,2017)

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